Thursday July 13th

Position: Latitude: 38 N Longitude: 122 W, St. Francis Yacht Club

Skipper’s notes: The whole team is putting the last finishing tones to what is a fantastic picture. There is a lot to be done: Sails to go fast in all conditions, rig, food to feed 12 hungry and busy sailors for up to 10 days, safety equipment. In the top photo Faye Kong my administrative assistant at 4am is working on making sure that the communications computers onboard Pegasus are in top shape before the race. Below, classic sunset on the Golden Gate before our crew dinner taken from the St. Francis Yacht Club.

Preparing the Communications Systems

Preparing the Communications Systems

Classic Sunset on the Golden Gate

Classic Sunset on the Golden Gate


Weather forecast as of Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Summary 1) High pressure will continue well to the west of San Francisco which will leave the race route vulnerable to light winds a) conditions will be quite light for Pacific Cup starters today and Thursday once they are 10 miles or more offshore b) NW winds will be more favorable and closer to the shoreline for “Pegasus” and her start on Friday

2) The key to the 1st 2-3 days will be to get into the stronger N-NW winds and then sail quickly S-SW and avoid the large area of light winds approaching the race course from the NW

3) “Pegasus” should reach the NE tradewinds late Sunday or Monday a) winds will be stronger further S versus further N

4) There will be many areas of light winds in this year’s race and it will be very important to find the stronger winds and avoid the light winds Pegasus’s winds Time is PDT Start W-SW 12-18 kts Farallon Islands NW 12-18 kts 5pm NW 15-20 kts 11pm NW 16-22 kts Saturday, July 15, 2000 5am NW 18-24 kts near 35N/125W 11am NW 16-22 5pm NW 14-20 11pm NW 14-20 Sunday, July 16, 2000 5am NW-N 14-20, near 34N/130W 11am NW-N 12-18 5pm N-NE 12-18

US Nationals in San Diego, Pegasus 24 gets a good start race 8, finishing 7th.

US Nationals in San Diego,
Pegasus 24 gets a good start race 8, finishing 7th.