July 14th, Long Beach, California

Choices, choices: Looking at the chart today, the great circle route crosses both a high and a low… And anything in between. That’s when you think about the deer crossing the road: When you drive, you aim at “where the dear came from”. That of course works unless the deer is caught in the headlights. That’s a pretty good analogy.

Either those weather features will move fast or they will be stationary. If they move fast, you aim at them and you avoid them. If they are stationary, it would be better to get out of their way! That’s mainly true for the highs. The lows on the other hand bring some nice wind.

Yes, this could be the year of the rhumb line. It could be the year of the Northern route and it could be the year of the deep Southerly route, sailing 500 extra miles. And maybe there is a way to make them all work.

Later in the evening we’ll have a team dinner with the families, and then the last preparations. More later.