July 18th, 19:02 pst

We are roaming around 26N 126W and we like it. We call it our lucky number 26! With just the two of us 24 by 7 in a confined space the size of your kitchen table, we’re an easy audience. Take a look at the 48 hour surface analysis that our friends at NOAA just put out. That’s one complex set of systems… We’re just making sense of it. There is a slow swell with a long period of 100ft going from South to North that combines with the normal North Easterly swell. Two waves of vastly different wavelengths and yet similar in proportion so that the resulting motion seems to ‘hang us in the air’ in slow motion. We believe that the Southerly swell was generated by Cosme, the weakening tropical depression. Quite an experience.

Introducing OceanGizmo

My home page when I am on land is Gizmodo. Those guys are the best; never a dull moment. And, as we were sailing today, Richard and I were thinking: OK we’re doing some pretty crazy stuff, but this racing boat is the ultimate Gizmo and it is full of gizmos. Everything including two types of satellite communications systems, water resistant barometers, radio transmitters, waterproof phones, iPhones, iPods, toughened computers, real-time sensors, sunglasses and it goes on and on… So I thought that I’d share with you what we think of these gadgets and how they work as time allows and we’re pretty busy 24 by 7 (by the way, we get both less than 4 hours of sleep every 24 hours, but we’re now in the groove… more on that later.)

Confused Pacific Ocean weather