July 12th, 2007

The Open 50 is in Long Beach getting provisioned and pampered. I’m in Santa Cruz, working with the Fullpower team and getting our portable weather systems to work and help with the routing. This year is going to be pretty tricky. This is my 10th time across and I think that the weather systems may be more complex than they have ever been. Check out the following analysis: The track today goes right through the high. So that high will move and some routes want you to even go North where some others want you to sail minimum distance and follow the great circle route closely. Usually that option leads to challenging light conditions. However this year, anything is possible. Will this be the year of the rhumb-line?

July 11th, 2007

In full prep mode. These boats are complex with canting keels, dagger boards, water ballast. Everything has to work perfectly because at the five minute gun, it’s just Richard and I for 10 days. Our start is with more than 25 fully crewed boats. And big boats too. “Starboard-Leeward is our friend”.


June 27th, 2007 – San Francisco

Here is our first serious sailing on the new Pegasus Open 50. Richard Clarke (didn’t get a shot of Richard’s face, but that’s Richard’s back…) and I are training for the double-handed Transpac. Just the two of us for 10 days across the Pacific. Yesterday we had a great sail from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. We saw from 5 to 30+ knots and the boat was awesome to sail. Great job all! – Philippe – PS Thanks Sonia for taking this picture.

June 05, 2007

Boat exited yard at 2030 last night and she hit the road heading west at 0500 this morning. She was shrink wrapped in clear so she will make quite an impression across the USA over the next few days!

Boat , keel, mast and boom all weighed by measurer yesterday, completion in SF.



June 04, 2007

The morning departure from Goetz boatyard in Rhode Island to San Francisco. It will take 5 days to get across the country.

Transpac 2007 – June 01, 2007

Putting the finishing touches on the Pegasus Open 50….


Skipper: Philippe Kahn
Co-Skipper: Richard Clarke

Sail number: 101
Rig: bermudan sloop
LOA (ft.): 50.00 ft.
Draft (m): 4.1m
Beam (m): 4.6m
Hull color: blue/white
Yacht Club: Waikiki Yacht Club
Designer: Owen Clarke Design
Class or type: Open 50
Builder: McConaghy


Project management: 
David Giles, Faye Lin

Onshore Pegasus Racing team:
Bruce Mahoney, Mark Golsh, Jana Madrigali, Shane Illidge, Paul Allen,
Cameron MacDonald, Seth Larkin, Joe Dolister
Communications: Caleb Dolister, Arthur Kinsolving
Sailor’s food: Bonnie Willis