Pegasus Flying Towards the Barn

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TRANSPAC 2001 41st Transpacific Yacht Race/L.A.-Honolulu
Transpacific Yacht Club, Sandy Martin, Commodore

July 9, 2001
For Immediate Release

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HONOLULU — Pegasus increased its lead on Pyewacket over Sunday night and was 16 miles ahead with 92 miles to go at Monday morning’s roll call in the 41st Transpacific Yacht Race.

Although dawn broke sunny but silent at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor in Waikiki, the trade winds soon stirred the palms, and luau welcome committees were setting up their cabanas for their particular boats along the dock.

The Alaska Eagle communications vessel was first to arrive, followed by Aloha Division entries Axapac and Bonaire, which had a six-day head start on the largest boats.

Despite doubling his lead overnight, Philippe Kahn, owner/skipper of the Reichel/Pugh 75 Pegasus, was cautious Monday morning. He reported, “We heard Pyewacket’s position and the whole boat cheered. There is going to be a lot of sleeping once we [finish]. But until then we’re all going to push our flying white horse like there is no tomorrow.

“Still much can happen in the big waves and the big wind and what are without much doubt the best sailing conditions in the world. Big wind, big waves, warm water, beautiful Island! Pegasus, the flying white horse is starting to accelerate for the barn!”

The Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki is the official Transpac hotel. Brookfield Homes’ Coconut Plantation at Ko Olina is a supporter of Transpac 2001. Stratos Mobile Networks is the official communications supplier, providing satellite telephones to facilitate monitoring of the fleet. For more information please contact Stephanie Thomassen at (800) 250-8962 or (206) 633-5888.

Standings in order of handicap ratings at 8:30 a.m. PDT July 9:

DIVISION 1 (started July 1)
1. Pegasus (Reichel/Pugh 75), Philippe Kahn, Santa Cruz, Calif., 312 miles in past 24 hours/92 miles to go.
2. Pyewacket (Reichel/Pugh 73), Roy E. Disney, Los Angeles, Calif., 305/108.
3. Chance (Reichel/Pugh 74), Bob McNulty, Corona del Mar, Calif., 295/124.
4. Merlin’s Reata (Lee 68), Al Micallef, Ft. Worth, Tex., 277/258.

DIVISION 2 (started July 1)
1. Grand Illusion (Santa Cruz 70), James McDowell, Haiku, H.I., 266/350.
2. J-Bird III (Transpac 52), David Janes, Newport Beach, Calif., 265/335.
3. Taxi Dancer (R/P 68), Brian W. Mock, Corona del Mar, Calif., 269/393.
4. Medicine Man (Andrews 61), Bob Lane, Long Beach, Calif., 299/369.
5. Yassou (Transpac 52), Jim and Nancy Demetriades, Beverly Hills, Calif., 272/425.
6. Ragtime (Spencer 65), Hui Holokai Syndicate, Owen Minney/Trisha Steele, Honolulu, 250/485.
7. Mongoose (SC 70), Robert Saielli, La Jolla, Calif., 252/495.
8. DH–√Čtranger (Jutson 50), Howard Gordon, San Luis Obispo, Calif., 237/573.

DIVISION 3 (started June 30)
1. Cantata (Andrews 53), Brent Vaughan, Oceanside, Calif., 229/348.
2. Firebird (Nelson/Marek 55), Greg Sands, Long Beach, Calif., 222/362.
3. Bengal II (Ohashi 52), Yoshihiko Murase, Nagoya, Japan, 240/230.
4. Rocket Science (Riptide 55), Nguyen Le, Amsterdam, 247/297.
5. Baronesa V (Open 40), Shuichi Ogasawara, Miyagi, Japan, 254/330.

DIVISION 4 (started June 30)
1. Bull (Sydney 40 OD-T), Seth Radow, Marina del Rey, Calif., 213/462.
2. Sensation (1D35), Mike Thomas, Detroit, Mich., 213/491.
3. DH–Two Guys On the Edge (Sonoma 30), Dan Doyle, Honolulu, H.I., 189/731.
4. Uproarious (Olson 40), Robert Bussard, Santa Fe, N.M., 181/625.
5. Mystere (Swan 42), Jorge Morales, Laguna Niguel, Calif., 159/792.
6. DH –Watercolors (Sabre 402), Michael Abraham, Newport Beach, Calif., 173/806.
7. Ouch (J/120), Ted Mayes, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., 99/257.
RETIRED — LawnDart (Fast 40), Bill Allan, Nanaimo, B.C., 2,175. DH-Doublehanded

ALOHA DIVISION A (started June 25)
1. Willow Wind (Cal 40), Wendy Siegal, Sunset Beach, Calif., 145/81.
2. Shanakee II (Pedrick 75), Jim Warmington, Balboa, finished 11 days 15 hours 51 minutes 38 seconds.
3. Seda (Ericson 41), Josef Sedivec, Bonita, Calif., 156/263.
4. Sea Dancer (Ericson 35), Al Wheatman, Marina del Rey, 151/354.
5. Bonaire (Moody 65), Gil Jones and Associates, Newport Beach, 199/20.
6. Gecko (Tartan 41), Jim Fabrick, Laguna Beach, 154/299.

ALOHA DIVISION B (started June 25)
1. Axapac (Wylie 39), Barry Ruff, Vancouver, B.C., 160/24.
2. Stardust (Wylie 46), Peter and Patricia Anderson, Laguna Beach, finished 13:05:01:24.

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