Face: The Final Frontier

By Kevin Maney, Newsweek Magazine

The rapid evolution of wearable technology is leading to body implants

Wearable gadgets like smart watches and Google Glass can seem like a fad that has all the durability of CB radios or Duran Duran, but they’re important early signs of a new era of technology that will drive investment and innovation for years.

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MotionX Foiling Catamaran 2013

Photo Gallery: 16 photos.

Philippe Kahn Sailing The MotionX¬†Foiling Catamaran More Wind, Bigger Waves and a lot of Speed. This is an amazing craft: We are getting ourselves in some extreme sailing with The MotionX carbon 20 foiling cat. Once out of the water, it’s just like flying. Magical, everything gets quiet, accurate, weightless and incredibly fast!

MotionX-24/7, activity tracker and sleep monitor for the iPhone

Wearable technology and the Quantified Self movement are pretty trendy nowadays, especially since the launch of the ultra-popular Jawbone UP powered by MotionX technology. Today, Fullpower-MotionX, MotionX-24/7 for the iPhone and iPad, an activity tracker and sleep monitor optimized for the iPhone 5S M7 processor and iOS 7.

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How an Obsessive Sailor and His Fitness Trackers Supercharged Yacht Racing

Philippe Kahn is a sailor singularly obsessed with optimization – finding the right crew and the right technology to survive and prosper on the high seas. That approach has made him a record-setting racer, and a successful tech entrepreneur.

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